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LOT: 119

Unknown manuscript, “Yad Yosef,” was owned by the Elder Kabbalist Rav Mordechai Sharabi.

Handwritten by Rav Yosef Sharabi, from the family of Rav Mordechai Sharabi. Rabbi Shmuel Shmueli, the assistant of Rav Sharabi, testifies to this in a letter attached to the item: “Rav Sharabi was very happy with this book, which has still not been printed, a book which is full of Torah according to the pshat, drash, and kabbalah, Pardes HaTorah.” First page the author writes, “this book is called Yad Yosef, the author is Yosef son of Rav David ben Gaon Rav Yitzhak, Av Beit Din of Sharab in south Yemen.” 190 pages. 18cm. Generally good condition.
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