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LOT: 109

A segula book with an endorsement of the Yeitev Lev: Menachem Zion (Rimnov), Lemberg 1878, bound together with Sfatei Kedoshim—Lemberg 1884

Sfatei Kedoshim, on the Torah and Psalms, by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch (the Maggid of Nadvorna), a great student of the Maggid of Mastrich and the Maggid of Zlatchov. Among his students were Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Zidichev, Rabbi Avraham David of Botchach, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosov, forefather of the Kosov-Vizhnitz dynasty, and more. Second edition, rare. 16 pages. Bound with Menachem Zion, drashot on the Torah and holidays by Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimnov, written by his student Rabbi Yehezkel Panet, forefather of the Desh dynasty (the Mareh Yehezkel). The rabbi of Rimnov who not write down his divrei torah, but this book preserves them because of his student (see more in the letter printed in Mareh Yehezkel, siman 104). [83] pages. With glosses and notes handwritten. This edition is considered a segula book because of the endorsement that appears of the Yeitev Lev of Sighet. Various conditions, defects to the cover, tears and stains. Tape in a number of places, some with damage to text. Old binding, worn. Generally ok condition. Signatures and stamps of Rabbi Elazar Elimelech Waldman of Berdiyov (son of Rabbi Yisrael Shimon Meir Waldman of Barsha).
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