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LOT: 008

Handsome volume of Tanach with commentary in Ladino—Venice 1639. New condition, rare both forbeing complete and very pretty.

“Produced at the order of the Commissariat of Minister IoanniVindramin of the IoanniMartinielli house.” Perfect copy in the original binding, preserved in rare condition, a volume of the 1639 Venice Tanach with commentary and translation into Ladino by Rabbi Yaakov Lombrozzo, endorsed by Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh of Modena. This copy has never been seen in auction houses in this condition, a complete copy with 4 covers, the complete original wooden binding, original decorations on the sides of the book on the pages. 4, 469, 2 pages. First cover is partially disconnected, a little wear on the cover, typical small folds and stains. Rare condition, complete and still pretty. The translator Rabbi Yaakov Lombrozzo was a sage of Venice during the reign of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh of Modena, andshowed his knowledge of Hebrew grammar with his exegesis printed in Venice in 1630 (the cover of the Last Prophets has the year 1630 written while the others have 1639) on TAnach, and for the introduction he wrote before his commentary. He also copied the Kuzari into Spanish, and wrote a manuscript in Spanish called “Mesha’enetDatHaElokit” (History of the Italian Jewish Sages, p. 201).
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