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LOT: 046

TosefetYerushalayim. Vilna 1871. Not found in prior auctions, and not seen at the National Library. Together with the book KisehRahamim, Ungvar 1870-1. Edition unknown to bibliographic literature.

Book by Rabbi YisraelIsserIsserlin together with KisehRahamim, a commentary on Avotd’RabbiNatan, Sofrim, and Kala, by HaHida. A similar edition was printed two years earlier in the same place, but this edition is unknown in bibliographic literature. Two books in one volume. Rabbi YisraelIsserIsserlin (1827-1889) was a descendent of the Rama. His paternal grandfather was Rabbi Hirsch, brother of RavYonaSlotzker. His maternal grandfather was Rabbi Haim Brody of Hordna. He was a posek and rabbi in Vilna, at the Beit Midrash of RavKeteriel Moshe Sheinok. Authored Shem Yisrael, EsheiYisrael, and more. Printer: Yitzhak and Yosef Dvoritz. 130 pages. *8. The book KisehRahamim was printed with additional endorsements at the end that weren’t in the 1868 edition. Printed by the widow of Karl Jager. 4, 121 pages. 33cm. Generally good condition.
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