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LOT: 106

Shita Mekubetzet (Nazir) first edition, with signatures handwritten by the student of the Chatam Sofer, Rabbi Gavriel Dessauer—Dovna 1800. Bound with Shot Derech Yivchar.

Rare edition (in retrospect, despite the cover statement by the publisher that “we brought it to print twice”). The publisher also notes that Sha’ar HaMelech was printed first in Livorno, but a Livorno edition does not appear in the National Library nor with Winograd. With signatures handwritten by Rabbi Gavriel Dessauer, student of the Chatam Sofer, on the cover and back (where he adds his name to those of the endorsers by hand with the addition “rosh yeshiva of Pressburg”). He also signs the last page of the book. 24, [1] pages. *2. Attached to the book is Shot Derech Yivchar by Rav Haim Betzalel Pant, son of the Mar’eh Yehezkel, Munkatch 1894. Only edition, with his father’s biography at the beginning. No cover. Original: [12], 120 pages. *2. The copy before us is missing 10 pages at the end. Rabbi Gavriel Segel HaLevi Dessauer (died 1878) was a student of the Chatam Sofer, and corresponded with him. Was Av Beit Din at Balaton Komor in Hungary, and then in Koyarening for close to 40 years. He authored Yad Gavriel, chiddushim on Yoreh De’ah, which got an endorsement from the Chatam Sofer. Translated the Book of Job into Yiddish and wrote an exegesis in Hebrew called Kesset Gavriel. Authored Milchemet Mitzvah to show the wisdom of the Rishonim and the errors of the Achronim. | No binding. Moth damage. Bad to ok condition.
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