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LOT: 088

Mishneh Torah of the Rambam, with the handwritten signature of the Admor Rabbi Yeshayle Kristirer.

Exciting item from the library of Rabbi Yeshayle Kristirer, the first section, second volume of the Mishneh Torah, printed in Leipzig 1863. On the cover, his signature is clearly visible with other notes attesting to the fact the book was owned by him, such as an additional signature on the back of the binding, and the note “Badrag Kerestor.” 240 pages, original binding (worn), generally good condition. Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner (1852-1925) from Krestir (Bodrogkeresztur) was one of the most important and well-known Admorim in Hungary. When he was 3, his father died, and at age 12 his widowed mother sent him to Rabbi Zvi Hirsch from Liska, where he was until his Rav died, and then he succeeded him, but remained indigent and did not think of himself. He is considered a miracle-worker and many amazing stories are told of him. Until today thousands of people continue to visit his grave and unburden their hearts there, and many amazing stories have been generated about the power of that event. He is known for his merciful heart and his care for the parnasa of the Jewish people. The amulets given during his lifetime to those seeking deliverance were written on parchment by professional scribes from among his students, and he would himself bless them and give them by hand
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