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MargaliotHaTorah by the student of the Gra, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Smiatitz. First and only edition. Paritzk, 1788. Extremely rare.

A kabbalistic commentary on the Torah authored by the student of the Gra. Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Smiatitz was a rabbi of Smiatitz and a kabbalist, who served for a number of years under his rabbi, the Gra, and was known as “HaChassid.” MargaliotHaTorah is a commentary and a collection of letters of the Ari—collected during his rabbi’s (the Gra’s) lifetime. He died either in 1814 or 1819, and the AgudatEzov eulogized him in the book by that name. He also wrote another book by the name MargaliotHaTorah on the Prophets and Ketuvim, which was also printed. Generally bad condition, missing the binding and cover page.
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