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LOT: 136

Rare! Volume with typewritten pages of conversations with the Saba of Slobodka—with signature and notes handwritten by the Mashgiach of the Hevron yeshiva, Rabbi Hirsch Plai

The volume includes a set 189 typewritten pages [this may be the source of stencils made after these conversations, see below], with the conversations of the Saba MiSlavodka Rabbi Natan Zvi Finkel, and his son-in-law and head of the Slavodka yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Shar, written by students at the time, among others, are mentioned: " Written by Rabbi Meir Chadash, "Distributor" - later overseer of the Hebron Yeshiva and in his last years overseer of "Ateret Israel" founded by his son-in-law Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi and Or Elhanan"Founded by Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Chadash. Rabbi Yosef Dinkles - author of "Emunat Yosef" and more, Rabbi Naftali Shakovitzky - Rabbi of Gateshead in England, Rabbi Avraham Eliyahu Kaplan - Rabbi of the Beit Midrash for Rabbis in Berlin, Rabbi Chaim Ze'ev Finkel - son of the Saba, Head of the Talmudic Hall and Rabbi Avraham Hirsch Plai - mashgiach of the Hebron Yeshiva and more, with the signature of the overseer of Rabbi Hirsch Pali, and in the first articles his handwritten glosses and additions, On the importance of stencil pages with the Saba’s conversations, which are apparently included in this typewritten set, Rabbi Yekutiel Kohen Shlit'a in the introduction to his book "The Grandfather from Slabodka’s Talks" - Jerusalem 2007: "The main basis for these was from the records of the conversations that had been copied, hundreds of pages duplicated, as was customary in the past. I wished for more copies, but it turned out that they were only kept by a few, and preserved in groups ... These duplicate pages, the last remains. It was difficult for them to be preserved, because they were not wrapped but lay in their cover in pages. In each of the groups I received, there was already most of the material in my father's hand, but more conversations were added, and there is what is not there ... ". Flaws and minor stains, good general condition.
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