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LOT: 152

Letter with chiddushei torah written by Rabbi Itzile of Ponevezh.

Learned letter on payment of terumah to a cohen written by Rabbi Yitzhak Yaakov Rabinowitz, known by the name Rabbi Itzile of Ponevezh, author of the book Zecher Yitzhak. Rabbi Itzile Ponevezher (1854-1919) was an important rabbi in Lithuania. He studied under the Beit HaLevi and for more than two years was in a hevruta with the Gaon Rav Haim Soloveitchik. In 1889 he was called upon by HaSaba of Slobodka to lead the Slobodka yeshiva, where he gave long, deep lessons, chiddushim. In 1894 he received the rabbinate of Ponevezh (after the Aderet), where he established a group of students. Rabbi Itzile also carried the burden of the nation and was one of the leaders of the generation, alongside the Chafetz Chaim and the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Ozer of Vilna (see: Rabboteinu SheBaGola, p. 186). Of all his writings only a few chiddushim and answers have been published, in the book Zecher Yitzhak. Date not noted in the book. Written on one side, 25.5x20.5cm. Generally good condition.
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