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LOT: 019

Lot of 3 volumes of Mishnah—Dyhernfurth 1797-8. First edition with glosses on the Shas by Rabbi YeshayaPik Berlin.

Three complete, nice copies of mishnayot, Seder Nashim, Nezikin, and Teharot, printed in Dyhernfurth. This edition has, for the first time, notes printed during the lifetime of the author Rabbi Yeshayahu Berlin Pik. The cover notes his name with the suffix “Nero” while the edition published after already marks “zt”l” next to his name. 1. Nashim, cover partially has red lettering. Signatures not checked. 1, 159 pages. 2. Nezikin, 1, 196 pages. 3. Teharot. 1, 223 pages. Three volumes, bound with old bindings with a leather spine, gilded inscription made by an artist. No moth damage. Characteristic stains over time. Generally very good condition. The Gaon Rabbi YeshayaPik Berlin (1725-1799) was an Av Beit Din and Ram in Breslev. Known for his glosses on the Talmud Bavli printed in the volume of Talmud which began with the Dyhernfurth edition hear and his still printed today. His daughter Sarah was married to Rabbi Yosef Maya, Av Beit Din of Breslev, son of Rabbi Yehiel Michal (the publisher in Dyhernfurth), and he published these mishnayot and some more books by his father-in-law.
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