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LOT: 032

Lot of albums and pictures of the kabbalist Avraham Hai.

1. 2 framed pictures of the sage Avraham Hai with the Gaon Rabbi Haim Menachem Mendel Steiger, an important elder of the Rabbis of Sanz, died around a month ago. 2. 3 Various pictures of Avraham Hai in his last years. 3. Set of 6 pictures of Avraham Hai, at a siddur kiddushin. 4. 2 albums with family pictures of Avraham Hai, with pictures from his youth and marriage. Hakham Avraham Chai (1920-2016) was born to his father ShaulShaul and his mother Mrs. Masuda in 1920 in Baghdad, Iraq.In 1951, he immigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in the immigrant transit camp in Kfar Ono. From there he moved to the PardesKaf neighborhood of BneiBrak, where he served as a metalworker.In 1956, he married Farcha, daughter of ChazlaHoresh, but they never had children.Chacham Avraham Chai was one of the great sages of Israel, among them Rabbi Yehuda Ze'ev Leibowitz (next to whom he was buried), the sage Shimon Chirari, and the Steipler - Rabbi Israel Yaakov Kanievsky, with whom he studied in Chevruta.Hakham Avraham Hai was well versed in Kabbalah, and was called the Kabbalist from Pardes Katz. People came to his home from all sides of the spectrum, Sephardim and Ashkenazim, to consult him and receive his blessings. He headed the Beit Midrash, which he established in the Pardes Katz neighborhood, and then from his home on HaShinayim Street in the neighborhood, which became a spiritual beacon for all the residents of the neighborhood.Hakham Avraham Hai was humble, easy-going and very far from being meticulous and angry. This right was up to him, and won Elijah's revelation. He used many braids and siguves, and he repaired seven kafot during the days of the Shovbeim.Chacham Avraham Chai passed away on the 29th of Av Av, 5766 (2016), at Shiva Tova and was buried in the PonevezhBneiBrak home.His book "From generation to generation" - sermons and articles, was published in his life in 2009, and the book "Adam to labor born" - conversations, published by his students after his death in 2017.
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