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LOT: 221

Special collection of 6 books from libraries of Admorim.

1. Likkutei Batar Likkutei, New York 1951. Stamps of Admor Rav Chanoch Henich Twersky, son of Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel. the Admor Rav Chanoch Henich was born in 1886. Son-in-law of Rabbi Yosef Yerushalmasky of Kishinev. In 1914 he began serving in the Rabbinate of Radomishel, and in 1919 after his father’s death he became Admor. In 1924 he immigrated to Chicago, where he served as the rabbi of the community Lev Sameach for 40 years. He was a member of the Council of Admorim and the Central Rabbinical Council in Chicago, and of Keren Hatzalah. In 1968 he moved to Israel and settled in Jerusalem. Died in 1971. 2. Edut B’Yehosef—Vilna 1896. Stamp of Rabbi Yosef Zvi Kalish (1885-1957), the Admor of Sakrnvitz, rabbi of Bnei Brak. 3. Sha’alei Tzion—Stamp of Admor of Machnovka, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel Twersky (1896-1987) 4. Besorat Eliyahu—Krakow 1899. Stamp of Admor Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Rabinowitz, son of Rabbi Pinchas of Kentokozova, son-in-law of the Admor of Rashkov, grandson of Admorim of Kinitz, Kornitz, Chernobyl, and Aphtha. Died in 1942. 5. Torat HaMidot—Jerusalem 1947. Stamp of Admor of Shatz, Rabbi Yaakov Moskowitz, succeeded his father. After the Shoah he moved to Israel and settled in Haifa, son-in-law of Rabbi Sinai of Zhmigrad. Died in 1956. 6. Minchat Kohen—Jerualem 1968. Stamp of Admor of Chechiov, Rabbi Avraham Avish Kenner (1894-1984). Various conditions, generally good.
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