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LOT: 123

Manuscript, 300 pages of the book Derech Yeshara, including segulot and additional medical brachot. 19th century.

Mizrahi handwriting, a book of mussar and practices for teshuva, written by Rabbi Reuvan ben Avraham of Jerusalem, printed first in Livornor in 1788. We haven’t checked thoroughly to see if the whole book is in this manuscript, since it does not appear that the pages were bound in the proper order. Scribe unknown, at the end of cover are segulot attributed to this book as well as additional ones not included in printed editions. First page has a note “Avraham ben…”. Cover cut. First page repaired with lots of damage to text, tears with damage to text on a number of additional pages, stains. Bound with new leather binding, gilded inscription on the spine. Generally good condition.
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