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LOT: 215

. Shirei Mussar HaSekhel, attributed to Rav Hai Gaon, with songs Ke’arat HaKesef by Rav Yosef Hazovi with a letter to his son, and with them the commentary Ruach Haim. Odessa 1888. And the book Even Shlomo Tosefa, Vilna 1890. With stamps and signatures of Rabbi Haim Berlin and his handwriting.

One volume. Rabbi Yosef Hazovi: a sage of Provence, a paytan in Perpignan—in the late 12th century. Among his students: Rav Avraham c’Darshei. His son: Rabbi Shmuel. He also may have authored the book HaMluim, mentioned by the Rashba. Stamp of Rabbi Haim Berlin, on the cover and last page, which is rare because it is from when he was rabbi in Kavrin. Generally good condition.
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